Water Polishing Filter

Removes the "Color" and fines from Pond Water

Many times water is clear, yet the whites of the fish look yellow. It's the water that has turned yellow with time.

The UniClear filter removes the color and fines from the pond water by using high grade coconut shell carbon.

Gives a true final polish to the water for the clearest water attainable.

Use 2 3 way valves during installation and flow the water through the UniClear only when you want to remove the color from the water or simply place the multiport valve on "Recirculate" and the Carbon is bypassed. After color is removed resume normal flow through your regular filtration system until the next time you need the UniClear to do its job.

May also be used to remove certain medications from the pond after treatment.

Carbon lasts a long time and is replaceable

Comes with a complete charge of carbon,  2" unions and 1 HP Media Agitator on the UniClear Filter

Truly puts the Final Touch on Pond Water