AquaBead Filters

The AquaBead series of filters are also available as complete pond filtration systems that are preplumbed with the AquaBead filter, Pump and UV all on Black  equipment pads ready to set up and go when you get them. For more info on our complete systems click here

This is the filter that revolutionized the bead filter world. Meet the AquaBead Filter. The Industry standard for Bead Filter. All of the AquaBead filters utilize the Omnifuser design that picks up heavier solids in the center of the bottom of the vessel. Why do we want to do this? Our goal is to have a filter that doesn't load up with solids. When a filter "loads up" it ceases to perform at its peak. Our goal then is to pick up the heavier solids in the center where debris exists.

The solids wait there until the operator does a backwash. This is accomplished with the pump running, which causes the solids to be purged out to waste under pressure from the pump. This unique feature of the AquaBead enables it be an extremely efficient filter, because an efficient filter doesn't hold solids, it gets rid of them. Backwashing for just a short time is all that is needed.  We have designed the AquaBead filter to provide customer satisfaction not only when new, but down the road when servicing is needed.

AquaBead Life Support System

Bead filters are close to perfect, some more than others, but one problem no one has addressed until now is, how to keep the bacteria alive in the filter in case you need to do a medical bypass or in case your pump should fail you. The AquaBead conquers this dilemma with the AquaBead Life Support System. This life support system known as "ALISS" will keep the bacteria alive indefinitely. On the front of the multiport valve is a special one way valve that will allow air in, but keep water from seeping out. With the water pump shut down, just slip an airline from your koi pond air pump onto the barbed fitting on the front of the Multiport valve and life giving oxygen is pumped into the tank for the bacteria to survive, while the beads are gently being tumbled within the filter to make sure all of the bacteria get a "breath of fresh air". This eliminates the need to have to "cycle" the filter again. Another AquaBead 1st.

Another item that shows long range customer satisfaction commitment is the Clear Union Spring Check Valve located right under the 2 HP Media Agitator. If you will notice the spring check valve is a large 2" unit for maximum flow and has unions built into the valve. Why is this special? If you should ever have to replace the spring check valve, it is no big deal. Just unscrew the top and bottom of the valve, remove the valve body, replace with a new body and re-hand tighten the two unions. Total time- maybe 2 minutes. No frustration with getting out the hacksaw again. One more example of our commitment to provide you with a long lasting frustration free unit, not just the short term, but the long term as well.

AquaBead Bead 2 HP Agitator

The AquaBead Bead 2 HP Agitator is a dynamo powerhouse of air output. What does it do? During normal running of the filter the beneficial bacteria causes the beads to be sticky (that's good). In the normal running of the filter algae and other solids combine with the sticky beads to try and form a "glue" that glues the beads together. At the same time the algae and other solids combine and grow larger as time goes by. To properly get them out of the filter when it is backwashed, we need to break this bead "pac" apart and pulverize the solids to a small size again so we can backwash them out of the filter. That's the job of the AquaBead Bead Agitator. When you kick this 2 HP powerhouse into action, humongous amounts of air(over 100 cu.ft. per min.) are injected at the bottom of the filter where the air then rises and as it does "breaks apart the bead pac", thus allowing for a good back wash to be engaged at this point. What goes on inside is a violent rushing of air into the vessel breaking apart the bead pac, but not so hard as to disrupt the beneficial bacteria growing on the beads.

The AquaBead filters were designed to be the most energy efficient filters on the market. How? Inside is more than double the lateral surface area, where the upper beads gather around the slots in the Omnifuser, than that used on any other filter. Couple this with the highest flow multiport valve on the market and you have a filter that was designed to be energy efficient. By implementing these design characteristics the filter can save the end user hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs. A smaller more energy efficient pump can be used to handle ponds that would normally have to have larger energy "hog" pumps to turn the pond over at the suggested rates. Why do we care, we're not paying the electric bill? We are committed to doing our part to conserve our natural resources. In our operation we recycle everything we can to hold down costs and do our part for the environment.

One of the things about the AquaBead that you are sure to love is the fact that, if you should ever need to gain access to the internals of the filter, it's no big deal. The filter comes with a 10" opening and does not require a special wrench to open.  Did you notice I did not say to "unhook your plumbing"? With some bead filters who use top mount valves it is necessary to unhook the plumbing to get inside. Not fun. We knew you wouldn't like this, so we didn't use a top mount design even though they are cheaper. Let's take a look at the body of the filter. It is made of fiberglass. It costs us more than plastic and is better than plastic. We only wanted to use the best. It is rated at 58 psi.


What about the Guarantee? Limited LifeTime with a few minor exclusions. That's right, not 10 years prorated or non-prorated. Limited LifeTime. Check out the Warranty Page.

Now, with all these great features and long term quality standard features it has to cost more, you're thinking. Wrong. The AquaBeads are priced sensibly. We strive to keep our overhead low and make these filters available to most pondkeepers at sensible prices. That was our goal, every option would be standard equipment and priced sensibly and below the competition. We succeeded. Take the time to compare and you'll choose AquaBead.

Available in several sizes for every size pond and fish load. If you need help sizing feel free to contact us, we're always happy to help you decide.

Want to see a simple manual on the AquaBead line of filters? Click here