Our goal at GC Tek is to make your pond keeping experience an enjoyable one. Sometimes though, in the world of pond filtration, the whole concept can be very confusing. Such as, does this pump match up with that filter or does that pump flow to much through the UV light for proper clear water results?

We understand. That's why we have taken the guess work out of the selection with a wide variety of complete systems to accomodate any pond.

We have also taken the drudgery out of plumbing these systems together. Each system is plumbed together at our place, as the systems are ordered, with the chosen components of the system. Unions are used at each connection so you'll never have to get a hack saw out and cut the pipe on one of our systems if you want to remove a component from the system for maintenance. We also go to great lengths to make sure that all of the plumbing is done to make sure the flow path of the water is as efficient as possible to make sure we can use pumps that are designed to give great flow while using very little electricity. We do this by using sweep fittings and no flow robbing "90" degree elbows.

Some are simple, yet effective, complete systems for the beginning or experienced water gardener with the PondKeeper System.

Then we have our AlphaONE and AquaBead PLUS Systems that come with a State of the Art Filter, energy efficient pump and High Intensity Zapp Pure UV light. These work great on Koi Ponds and more advanced water gardens.

The Mashimizu "Pure Water" System is our King of the Hill System. For true Koi ponds the Mashimzu includes everything needed to give your koi a healthy, clean water environment to live and thrive. The Mashimizu includes prefiltration with the Vortek SS Delux. Water moves via one of our energy efficient pumps such as the Artesian2 series of pumps. We also use the complete line of Performance Pro Pumps which are the industry standard for efficiency, dependibilty and best warranties to be found. We even have Adjustable flow pumps so that you can get just the right sound out of the waterfall or more turnover of the pond at select times. Once the water moves through the pump it goes to one of AlphaONE or AquaBead filters where Bio-Mechanical action takes place to perform nitrification and polishing of the water. The water finally makes its way through the Zapp Pure High Intensity Ultraviolet Light to assure that the water will be as pristine and healthy as possible.

We even have complete quarantine systems for fish. In todays age of problem pathogens and diseases no experienced koi keeper would ever consider just buying a koi and throwing it in the pond without regard for the diseases or possible parasites that might be on(or in) the new arrivals. We have taken care of this with our ThermaKoi Quarantine System that comes complete with one of our BioTek filters, 2 speed energy efficient pumps and a ThermaKoi heater plumbed together on one 3' x 3' pad. A UV may also be added to this setup if desired.

We also build customized to systems to fit just your individual and Koi needs. We are happy to help you decide what is the best system for you. Feel free to contact us or one of our knowledgable dealers for assistance.

Remember there are 4 main things to consider when choosing a filtration system.

  • 1. Pond Size
  • 2. Fish load
  • 3. Life Style
  • 4. Budget

Take the time to look at our different systems we have available and then give us a call we are always happy to help you decide what you need for your pond or help you custom design one just for you.

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